Innovative, skilled and dedicated since 1972: Our success story got its start 50 years ago with a good idea. Since then, our constantly growing team has picked up the pen to keep writing with plenty of dedication, innovative strength and a feel for quality. For our 50th anniversary, we give a personal insight into our work, the special spirit at ELA and what we get up to in our personal lives.

50 years of mobile
room solutions

What began 50 years ago with converted sea containers has developed into a perfectly conceived system for mobile room solutions with own logistics. Today, with our many years of experience, we plan and deliver temporary spaces for any application and industry.


1972 – Founding of ELA Container

Founding of ELA Container

Bernhard and Elisabeth Albers have the idea of converting decommissioned sea containers and reusing them as storage and equipment rooms for construction sites. On 25 August they found the company ELA Container in Haren (Ems).
1977 – Purchase of the Haren location

Purchase of the Haren location

The demand for stable containers secure against break-ins for the construction industry grows. In 1977, the company acquires a 5,000 m² site in Haren (Ems). ELA establishes its own logistics department with a fleet of lorries.
1978 – The first recreational containers

The first recreational containers

In addition to storage containers, ELA now also offers comfortable recreational containers to accommodate construction workers – with insulated walls, flooring, electricity, heating and windows.
1979 – The first special-purpose containers

The first special-purpose containers

New possibilities for mobile room solutions are constantly added: office, team and sanitary containers, as well as special-purpose containers for fairground rides, snack bars and gatekeeper buildings, are added to the offer.
1984 – Production of the company’s own containers

Production of the company’s own containers

ELA developed its own product which, at the time, is called a ‘high-performance container’. It meets the highest quality standards. From now on ELA no longer only purchases used containers.
2000 – Used-container sales in Haren

Used-container sales in Haren

The company opens a used-container centre in Haren, at the Eurohafen harbour, where used furniture and accessories are also sold. Today it is the largest selection of its kind throughout Europe.
2003 – The new premium containers

The new premium containers

A new generation of containers is added to the leasing offer: the three-metre-wide premium container. The ELA modular frame system enables a great degree of flexibility beyond the basic equipment, with extras like windows, air conditioning or heating.
2005 – Succession


Company founder Bernhard Albers hands over management to his children, Tim Albers, Liesel Albers-Bentlage and Günter Albers. As chairman of the advisory board, he continued to support the company's expansion strategy.
2014 – Founding of ELA Container Offshore

Founding of ELA Container Offshore

ELA Container Offshore GmbH is founded to cater for mobile room needs on the high seas. The company sells and leases offshore containers for use on platforms and ships.
2021 – Track for growth

Track for growth

The global track for growth continues: in five years, the staff of the company has more than doubled to 1,100 employees. New locations in Austria, Denmark and other countries have been added in recent years.

50 years of high tech, craftsmanship and expertise “Made in Germany”

Since the company’s founding in 1972, we have been constantly advancing the range of products on offer. Intelligent solutions make our containers flexible and efficient all-rounders. Modern production and manufacturing technologies and high-precision craftsmanship guarantee maximum quality and safety.

Family-run since 1972

ELA is a family company, despite our size of more than 1,100 employees and locations around the world. As our second generation of management, the three Albers siblings – cautiously and yet with determination – set the company on a path for worldwide growth, all while maintaining the family-like company culture.


Leased containers

Leased containers

ELA has 50,000 container units permanently on hand at 18 locations. A fast availability of temporary room solutions in all sizes and at all times is therefore guaranteed.
Items for rent

Items for rent

With stairs, platforms, acoustic panels, whiteboards, furniture, telephones or internet – ELA offers a comprehensive range of accessories for custom interior fittings.


More than 1,200 dedicated employees ensure smooth processes and satisfied customers – and the team is always growing!
Special trucks with loading cranes

Special trucks with loading cranes

With the aid of 100 special trucks with loading cranes, the mobile ELA containers can be transported to and directly set up at any location.


ELA has 20 locations worldwide in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

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